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About Us

The White House Nursing Home was established over 30 years ago, quite unbelievably, from a large 4 bedroom detached house! 

From its original modest provision of 12 beds, TWH has seen numerous expansions and changes over the years to the become the 30-bedded award-winning home it is today.

Our philosophy has, however, remained the same throughout the years; to create a secure, happy and homely environment for our valued residents and staff whilst providing the highest standards of care.


Our History

The White House Nursing Home was founded by Late Mr Badrudin Manji in 1989. Mr Manji was originally from Tanzania, East Africa and part of a large Indo-African community who moved from East Africa in the early 1970's to the UK in order to get asylum and make a better life for their families. Mr Manji with the support of his wife Saker worked tirelessly in various jobs, going on to have various small catering businesses which they ran successfully.

Mr Manji first entered the nursing home business when in the mid-1980’s he moved his family out of their large family home in Sutton and converted it into a nursing home!

A few years later, Mr Manji sold his Sutton Nursing Home and bought a

4-bedroom detached house on 274 Malden Road and in 1989, The White House Nursing Home was born, which Mr & Mrs Manji went on to run for many years.

A significant change in the history of The White House came about in 2001 when Mr Manji’s son-in-law Rahim Nurmohamed joined the family business as an Administrator. 

In January 2013, a grand ceremony to open the brand new 6 bedded top nursing floor was held with the Honourable Mayor of Royal Borough of Kingston, Mary Heathcote in attendance.

Sadly, both Mr Manji and Mrs Manji passed away later that year in May 2013. Mr Manji’s daughter Salima subsequently joined the family business and Rahim and Salima are now continuing the family legacy at The White House Nursing Home.

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