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Our Services


Full Range of Care Services

The White House Nursing Home specialises in General Nursing, Palliative and Specialist care, as detailed further below. Our Nursing Care Services assists with a wide spectrum of conditions including rehabilitative care following injuries or any hospital procedures, physical disabilities as well as long-term conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer's or Parkinson’s disease. Medical care is delivered through regular and careful coordination with GPs, multi-disciplinary teams and other visiting professional input.

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Individual &  Personalised Mobile Care Plans

All our care is provided by qualified, experienced and devoted nurses and care assistants through tailored and person-centred care plans. Each resident has their own care plan carefully put together after assessing and taking into consideration each individual's strengths, interests, physical and emotional abilities.

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Efficient Medication Delivery & Recording

The White House utilises an electronic medication software system - eMar, to ensure the absolute efficiency and accuracy of the medication our residents are given. The transition has also increased efficiency by streamlining medical care delivery and recording. The huge reduction in paperwork and administration gives our staff more time to provide exceptional care to our residents.

In November 2018, the TWHNH made the successful transition over to Electronic Care Plans, enabling us to provide an even higher quality of care to our residents. All care undertaken is recorded at the point of provision in a simple and efficient manner, enabling staff to have more time to provide care.

One of the biggest advantages of the transition to electronic care plans is that all relatives can log in via Relatives Gateway to view their loved one's live care plan.

Here, they can get regular and detailed updates on all aspects of their resident's progress. The benefit of having this accessible portal has been no more significant than during the Covid-19 crisis.

Families also receive regular email updates on their resident's health and can contact the Home to speak to someone at any time.

"Can we also say a big thank you for the Relatives Gateway window into the everyday care of Rene Austin.
In these times it has been a godsend."

David & Eileen Hanley - May 2019

Our Care Service Provision

Pallative/End of Life Care 

As a GSF (Gold Standards Framework) Home, family and friends can be reassured that our Gold Standards Framework accreditation ensures we are providing the highest level of Palliative/End of life Care support for residents with advanced progressive illness. 

This support extends to families and friends. Palliative Care aims to maximise the best quality of life available for individuals suffering terminal diseases and illnesses, alongside medical care and treatment. 

Palliative Care celebrates life and regards death as a normal, natural process. Through the care and support from our staff, we strive to relieve some of the worry associated with long-term illness and help individuals live each day active and happy. 

We have a close-working relationship with our local hospice whose input enables residents to remain under the care of the White House. 

Nursing Care

At The White House Nursing Home each and every resident who requires our Nursing Care Services has access to our dedicated and 'round the clock' team of Registered General Nurses. Our Nursing Team are selected for their inherent compassion and skills. As medicine continues to advance, so our team go through regular, ongoing training to ensure they provide the highest quality of medical care to your loved one.

Respite / Convalescence Care

The White House Nursing Home also offers the very same high-quality care services enjoyed by our long-term residents, to individuals on a short-term basis, for a minimum of two weeks. There are many reasons why this might be appropriate:


  • Some individuals like to take a 'short relaxing break' with us, safe in the knowledge that all their needs can be accommodated.

  • On discharge from hospital, many people require additional care to start the recovery process. We can accommodate most individual's clinical and care requirements. 

  • Some individuals or families require the services of a care home and would like to try for a short period to ensure the resident is comfortable before making a longer-term commitment. 

  • At certain times, full-time family carers require a short break. We can provide your relative with a high-quality care service so you can take some much-needed time out.

The White House Nursing Home is a private nursing home with the capacity to take some social services funded residents. Information concerning fee charges with or without social services assistance can be obtained from the Home Manager on 020 8949 0747. To find out more about our services and how we can help, please call and speak to a member of our dedicated staff team or send us an enquiry

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